Watch Darr @ The Mall Full Movie – Watch Your Back while Visiting a Mall next time

Remember Night at the Museum movie where Ben Stiller enacted the role of a gritty night guard where animals livened up at the mid night. Now Jimmy Shergil is set to reprise the same role minus the animals and the humor with the addition of the element of fear this time in Darr @ The Mall movie which is set in a Mall complex as the name suggests. Get on to Download Darr @ The Mall Full Movie and experience the most horrific and a terrorizing tale of fear.


Talking about the plot of the movie, the movie is set in a Mall where things start juggling up when a party is hosted under the premises of the mall where people do not know what is coming towards them. Amidst all this, the newly appointed guard of the mall, played by the Jimmy Shergil gets some unnatural sense in the beginning that something is not right here. He doesn’t not reveals this to the visitors and continues to dig deeper where a surprising revelation dawns.


After the success of Ragini MMS, his directorial venture, Pawan Kriplani has held the director seat here as well. He is set to reprise the same horror which created waves earlier and got rave reviews. Darr @ The Mall is produced by Multi Motion Pictures and Contiloe Entertainment who set the standards to an amazing horror flick. Without further waiting Download Darr @ The Mall Full Movie as soon as it releases.  The effects are absolutely brilliant and it is indeed a must watch for getting some enormous Goosebumps on your body.




Except for Jimmy and some other actors in the movie, the cast is pretty fresh and new. The trailer of the movie has been released and it seems like all the actors have done a brilliant job. Even behind the scene efforts are pretty visible and are evident from an amazing cinematography. The director has done a brilliant job in putting out a whole new prospective of visiting a mall. It is hoped that he get successful in his venture and manages to create an amazing impact on the audience such that the next time they visit a mall, they might creep themselves out.


All in all, Darr @ The Mall is a perfect treat to switch your mindsets from the streak of love; action and comedy and want something different in the movie genre. Download Darr @ The Mall Full Movie as soon as it is released and have a never before fearful experience.